Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Operation Research -I    B.Sc.
2    Operation Research -II    B.Sc.
3    Operational Research - I    B.Sc.
4    Research Methodology    B.Sc.
5    Operation Research -I    B.Sc.
6    Operation Research -II    B.Sc.
7    Research Methodology in Management    M.Sc.
8    Operations Research - I    B.Sc.
9    Entrepreneurship    B.Sc.
10    Foundations of Entrepreneurship    B.Sc.
11    Advanced operations resarch    M.Sc.
12    Advanced Organization and Management Theories    M.Sc.
13    Advanced Organization and Management Theories    M.Sc.
14    Seminar in International Bussiness Issues    M.Sc.
15    Qualitative And Mixed Research Methodologies In Management    M.Sc.
16    Organization and Management Theories    M.Sc.
17    Advanced Management Theories    M.Sc.
18    Advanced Strategic Management    M.Sc.
19    Reseach methods Organizational behavioaur    M.Sc.
20    Organiztional Development and change    M.Sc.
21    General skils of management    M.Sc.
22    Advanced Research Methods    M.Sc.
23    Entrepeneurshipُ and business devlopment l    M.Sc.
24    Advanced Methodology    M.Sc.
25    Advanced Research Method    M.Sc.
26    Business Research Methods    M.Sc.
27        M.Sc.
28        M.Sc.
29    Seminar    M.Sc.
30        M.Sc.
31    Advanced Organizational Behavior Management    M.Sc.
32    Advanced Management Theories    M.Sc.
33    Study and Criticism of organization & Management    Ph.D
34    Philosophical analysis of organization and management theories    Ph.D